Payment Processing Services.

How much are you paying in payment processing fees on your debit machine or on your website? You know, the fees you pay PayPal, Stripe or Moneris on each transaction? Probably close to 3% + $0.30 per transaction, I’m guessing. Which means, for every $1000 you sell you pay $30+ in fees. What if I can help you reduce those fees and keep more money in your pocket?

Through my connections, I met Debra. She has well over 10 years of experience in the world of merchant processing. We want you to keep as much money as you possibly can.

Through various vendors we can get you the best deal on these fees, often saving merchants 30% of those fees.

What we can do for you is do a free, no-strings-attached audit of what you’re paying in fees and come up with a solution that helps you reduce those fees. 

We’re not interested in drowning you in numbers, in hopes you’ll trust us enough to sign up. If we can do something for you that makes sense, great! If you’re already paying the lowest amount possible, also great. We hope you refer us to someone who might need better rates.


  • You’re a massage therapist and want an easy solution for your patients to tap for their session and go.
  • You’re a restaurant owner and need a terminal to accept payments at the counter but also a mobile device to take orders at the table.
  • You’re a creator that has handmade accessories that you’d like to sell on a website.
  • You’re a producer and go to farmer’s markets to sell your home-grown vegetables.
  • You’re a company that is mobile and needs to take payments on the go for your products / services.

All of these scenarios are ones Debra has seen and was able to help them reduce their fees. Book a meeting with us today!