SEO Services pricing.

Having trouble getting your site to show up in Google? Let me help. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it’s a service I offer. Getting on the first page of Google is tough, especially in a competitive market but with a carefully thought-out plan your site can climb up in the rankings of Google and Bing.

I’m here to put that plan together and into action. With several years of SEO practice under my belt I consistently get Funky Moose Records to the top of searches. I can do the same for you*.

See the * behind that sentence? Full disclosure: I can do my best but I’m not Google, so I can’t guarantee a #1 spot, like some companies claim they can (they can’t). What we can do is stay on top of things together in an effort to beat your competition when an algorithm changes.

SEO plan.

Discovery, one time fee:


After the discovery call, I will create a plan for future months. The monthly rate will depend on how much work your site needs, who your competitors are and what the current ranking is.

Plans will come with a minimum commitment of 6 months. The reason for this is that initial SEO work takes this long to get measurable results.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Q: Can you guarantee a #1 ranking?
    A: Nope. Google’s machine learning is getting smarter every day and your competition will take notice when we pass them, so all I can do is my best.
  • Q: Do you just do Google?
    A: All the focus is on Google because they have a close-to 90% market share, with Bing having 9% and DuckDuckGo roughly 2%. That said, what works for Google usually works for Bing as well.
  • Q: What kind of budget should I allocate per month?
    A: This depends. If your site is in good shape, we can schedule tasks on a longer term, which would lower your monthly plan. If your site needs a lot of work and you need it fairly quickly, your monthly plan would be quite a big higher. The minimum is around the $200 per month, going up from there.
  • Q: Do I need a website?
    A: Yes, in fact, it’s important that you have full control over your site. So not a templated page from a corporate MLM, for example.