Social Media Management pricing.

We get it. Managing your social media presence is a job in itself. You just want to run your business and share the occasional, personal update. This means you’re not making the most of your social media accounts. We can help.

(Yes, “we”. For social media plans I work with team members to get the job done on time).

Social Media Management plan.



for your first social media platform

$249/month for each additional platform


  • Monthly reporting and analytics
  • Social media page optimization
  • Banner and Social Image and overall branding consistency alignment
  • Linktree creation/management for Instagram and other relevant platforms, like TikTok
  • Messages Automation setup (and management as per request)
  •  Regular check-ins

  • 3 posts per platform per week

  • Photo editing
  • Branding
  • Copy creation
  • Post scheduling

One-time, starting at:


to promote the release of your album/EP/single*

 Some of the features of our top-tier package:

  • We create a social media campaign around the release with social posts leading up to the release and some more after on Facebook and Instagram
  • We can write a press release that goes to all our contacts
  • Physical PR for the release
  • We can create a landing page, focused on the release only
  • We give airplay on Funky Moose Radio
  • We share the release on the Funky Moose Audio social media
  • We’ll have you as a guest on The Sit Down podcast

We have a few packages available, depending on your budget and needs. Please contact us to chat about the options.

25% off?

Funky Moose is a record company. We want artists to succeed. I’ve made it my personal mission to work with musicians wherever I can, so if you’re an unsigned artist and you need a website, you can get all of the above at a 25% discount. * = The one-time artist plan album release option is already priced for musicians, so the discount doesn’t apply there. Obviously, the discount applies to the website dedicated to your art, not to your Maneki-neko merch business.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Q: Which platforms do you support?
    A: Facebook and Instagram are our jam but we’re also well-versed in LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok.
  • Q: Which platform(s) should I have a presence on?
    A: Many people will tell you that you need to be everywhere. We kinda disagree. It’s better to excel at 1 platform than to make a half-hearted attempt at all of them. We just need to figure out, together, which platform(s) work best for your audience.
  • Q: Can’t you just copy/paste whatever I’m doing on my first platform to the second and third?
    A: In theory, yes, but the people that use each platform are vastly different. We tailor your message to each platform to get the best engagement rates.