Website design pricing.

It may be surprising to see website design pricing out in the open on a website. Not a lot of web designers give out pricing before talking to the prospective client first. But here we are.

Traditionally, web designers would meet with the client and hash out details, estimating how long it would take them to build the website based on the client’s needs.
The web designer gives a quote for one flat price, the client agrees to it (or not), the web designer builds the website et fini, the relationship almost ends there.

I work a little differently. Because I charge a monthly fee, I can adjust expectations over a period of time, constantly working on the site and relationship with the client. I don’t have to worry about giving an accurate quote upfront, hoping that the scope of work turns out to be what I thought it would be.

You also get more than just a website. I’ll constantly be working on getting and keeping your website in the top spots of searches in Google and if you need an update done to the site, you send me an email with the details and I’ll get it done within 48 hours on a week-day at no additional charge.


Fully managed web services.

This means you can take care of your business while I keep a constant eye on your website.

Web design plans.

* = Unlimited is based on a fair use policy: If you exceed the average number of updates, measured against all Funky Moose clients, we may need to address the excess and could result in additional charges.

25% off?

Funky Moose is a record company. We want artists to succeed. I’ve made it my personal mission to work with musicians wherever I can, so if you’re an unsigned artist and you need a website, you can get all of the above at a 25% discount. Obviously, the discount applies to the website dedicated to your art, not to your Maneki-neko merch business.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Q: Who owns the site?
    A: You “rent” the website until the term you chose is fulfilled. After that, it’s all yours.
  • Q: Do I have access to the site?
    A: If you want to make updates to your site on your own, you’ll have full admin access to the site.
  • Q: Can I upgrade/downgrade?
    A: You can change your term, but the term will start from 0. This means if you’re 10 months into your 2-year term and want to switch to a 1-year term, we’ll end the 2-year term and start a new 1-year term.
  • Q: What if I’m not happy with your services and want to leave?
    A: Of course, I’ll do everything in my power to turn you into a happy client, but things happen. If we can’t work out our differences, you’re still in your term and you wish to terminate your plan, we’ll disable the site and billing at the end of the month and hand over the domain name to you to move to another provider.
    If you’ve fulfilled your term, we’ll create a backup of the site, disable billing and the site at the end of the month and hand over the domain name + the backup for you to move to another provider.
  • Q: What are the initial pages in the pricing table?
    A: I’ll set up the website with 10 pages at first. You can add more pages after the launch of the site.
  • Q: How much is it for additional email addresses?
    A: Each plan comes with 5 complimentary email addresses with 5GB storage. If you need more storage or a suite of tools like Secure Business Email,  Online file manager, Online Wordprocessor, Online Spreadsheet, Presentation software, Instant chat communication, Online Meeting software, Intranet and Collaboration, I can upgrade you for $3.75 per user per month. Ask me for details!