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Hi, I’m Mark and I design websites and help artists and business owners market

their brand and e-commerce stores through SEO, Ads and social media.

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Web Design

Anyone can build a website in this day and age. Building a website well is still a trade.

There’s science and psychology behind a well-built website. I’ve had years of experience studying visitors’ behaviours. With analytics and behaviour tracking, we can figure out what makes people buy what you’re selling, whether that’s a physical product, a service or a digital file.


“Search Engine Optimization” is a fancy phrase for making sure your website can be found when people search for the products or services you sell.

A lot of this is achieved through rock-solid content. If you’re not a wordsmith yourself, I have a few contacts that can help us write the best text possible for your website.

Paid Advertising

Google and Facebook advertising can be tricky to get right. Although Google Ads are my jam, Facebook and Instagram ads are very powerful as well. It all depends on your “audience”. Depending on what you sell and who you’re selling to, we can come up with the best strategy for your business/brand.


Funky Moose Records

Funky Moose Records

Due to the nature of previous projects and clientele, I can’t show my full portfolio here yet, but I can show you some of the work I’ve done when you book a meeting with me below.

Oh, who am I?

I’m the guy in the picture, Mark Poppen. The lovely lady with me is my wife. The picture was taken at MooseFest, a rock show my record company (Funky Moose Records) put on in 2021.

I’ve been designing websites since 1999 and it’s been a constant in my whole career. Whether it was managing web stores for larger companies, designing websites for small business owners, coming up with a marketing strategy for my own e-commerce store or create informative sites for government-funded organizations, my life is digital. Unless, of course, there’s (live) music involved.

For those interested, I have several certificates in SEO, digital marketing and commercial web design but honestly, most of my skills are self-taught and I’ve always managed to stay on top or ahead of the curve.

What do I do when I’m not at a computer? I host a podcast with Joel called The Sit Down where we sit down with artists and talk about whatever comes to mind. I try to take in as much live music as I can dedicate time and money to but I also like to “veg out” on the couch and listen to some records or watch yet another animated movie with the family .

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What I do best

is working with…

Shopify Partner
Omnisend partner
Zoho Mail Workplace Reseller

Sounds expensive?

Website pricing can be all over the map. DIY website builders are generally pretty cheap and might work for you if you’re on a super-tight budget. On the other hand, full-fledged corporate websites with hundreds of pages that require RFPs can get scary expensive.

I’d like to price my services somewhere in the middle, where you get plenty of return on your investment and we both get to have food on the table.

With affordable, monthly plans, you shouldn’t get the “sticker shock” you might get from bigger companies.

Show pricing for:



Kit Langfield

Saskatoon Musician

Andrew McClenney

Naxos of America